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Everything is divine and divinity

I will start this article by saying FUCK “satan, god, allah, enki, enli, yahweh, yahusha, the devas”, and in other words, FUCK all parasitic entities who have forgotten their own essence, to such an extent, in their vanity, they’d try to belittle and goad those more conscious than them, and trick them into coming to […]

Everything is infinitely meaningful, unbound and more… among other things…

Boy, some people’s head are so far up their ass these days, ain’t they? This isn’t really a “new” issue, since there have always been both good and bad, as well as genuine and dishonest people, as well as those with a passion for knoweldge and comprehension, and… unfortunately… there have also been just plain […]

The importance of overcoming challenges

Pain and suffering can be both a hindrance and a catalyst for growth, in relation to how we view it, know why it’s there, comprehend it and then decide how we want to see and use the experience, either to our detriment or to our evolution. When faced with challenges, weak “people” shy away and […]

Always being genuine and truthful; also, why “society” is a lie

Well, seeing how it’s always true that I and We always are, create and manifest everything and everythingness, and much, much, much more than that, we never “give our brush” to anyone anyway; the worst that happens is that we use it ineptly and unconsciously. However, when we choose to do it aptly and consciously, […]

Spirituality, discernment and recognizing congruence and incongruence Another video, with these being some of the links that I find pertinent, regarding exposing the scamdemic for what it is. Also, of course congruence and coherence are much more intricate things than what the picture itself implies, but that’s another conversation; see the video and some of my other articles, for more on […]

Discerning truth from lies; plus, some stuff about the scamdemic

So, in the aftermath of another attempt at conversing with another (partial) covid cultist, who still seem to have utter belief in the false “ooh, but viruses cause disease” narrative, I feel like writing an article to discuss, not particularly the scamdemic stuff (which I’ve written about in some of the articles on this site), […]

Freedom and principles come first

As for a comment in relation to the picture I used for this article, before I get to the article itself, there is no “time-space”, other than as an illusion, so the idea of “proportion” is also an illusion; besides that, love is one of the essences of the infinite and unlimited being and veingness […]

Genuine, true spirituality vs. fake-ass “new age” and religious bullshit

Another appropriate title, albeit a longer one, for this article would be “spirituality is not about feeling good or feeling at peace”. That’s a confusion that I see many people doing when they start going on the path of what they call “spirituality”. People say that “oh, it’s all about feeling good, having inner peace, […]


One of the characters that I and we roleplay, in these and other lives and realms, among other things… Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make. Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy. Always and veyond ways… I am freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, […]

About the notion of “property”

Well, as for commenting on the idea implied by the picture in this article, progress, growth and evolution, expansion, elevation in awareness, consciousness, freedom, liberty, defiance, creativity, intuition, intelligence, philosophy, soulfulness, spirituality and so on, is always a good thing, and therefore victorious in the journey, art and endeavor of loving and respecting, knowing and […]

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