Creativity and curiosity are always good; always be defiant and adventurous, no matter fuckin’ what

What does it mean to be adventurous? What is curiosity? I mean genuine and true curiosity, as well as a truly adventurous sense of being and a lust to wander, feel and ponder. Curiosity is the genuine desire to know and comprehend, for the sake of doing so. Knowledge and comprehension for their own sake. […]

Always persist, rebel, defy, no matter fuckin’ what

Another video, now that I’m looking to try out my hand at making podcasts and videos again and such, and in this one I’m talking about, among other things, the importance of persistence, rebellion, courage, honesty and defiance, as well as creativity, intuition, intelligence, philosophy, soul and spirit, care and love and so on, as […]

How to plough through, and overcome the pain aspect of life

To anyone who feels trapped, for any reason, I tell you, among other things, this: NO, you’re NOT a rat in a cage. That is the delusion of your current impression, on the level of the ego. You are, among other things, an individual soul, roleplaying the experience of having the impression that you’re a […]

Did your friends and family take the jab? Well, fuck ’em, then.

While the affirmation in this article’s picture is not wrong (although “necessity” doesn’t exist, aside from as an illusion, but that’s another conversation), it is also worth mentioning that loving someone doesn’t mean putting up with their bullshit. It means, among other things, both appreciating and berating them when they deserve it. Aside from that, […]

Do your kids have “ADHD”? NO, they don’t! They are brimming with creativity, joy and excitement.

So, you think your kids have that “drastic” and “ooh, much bad, such nasty”, deceptively labeled as “disease” thing called “ADHD”? Guess what? NO, THEY DON’T HAVE AN “ILLNESS”!!! No such thing as “ADHD”. That’s just another bullshit excuse to poison kids and pump them full of addictive, synthetic and pretty much heroin based drugs, […]

Why good always wins, and evil always loses

In this world, where machinations and malicious plots are being carried out throughout the year, day in – day out, where schemes and ploys have been brewing about for many millennia, in the endeavor to deceive humanity towards forgetting itself and its divine nature (as is the nature of everything)… most people might erroneously assume […]

Free will, divine will and chaos will are one and the same

The illusion of experiences where there seems to be no conscious input from the “in-world” character-form (you, as an incarnate individual or living being), comes from the persona or ego (an expression of the soul and spirit) not being aware of what it does, as the self that’s “roleplaying” as the character or person in […]

You still believe in pharma? Well, I got a bridge to sell you. Here are the keys.

Three people walk into a bar. One of them grabs a bunch of beers and chugs them up. Another gets several glasses of whiskey and liquor, while the other one gets himself some absinthe. They all get drunk, have a hangover and occasionally get sick from all the alcohol poisoning, if they get drunk frequently […]

Have patience and compassion, but be firm and know when to retaliate

Violence. The last resort of conscious beings, and the first resort of idiots and parasites. Although, it’s inaccurate to say even that, because violence itself is the initiation of “force” against someone who has done neither you, nor anyone else, any wrong. In the case of “force” being used as a last resort in the […]

What is truth?

What is truth? It is often the case that the word “truth” is often thrown around by ignorant people, who really really wanna believe something, to an extent that they confuse said belief with what the truth actually is. Such people have no discernment, until they overcome the mental and emotional ineptitude that is “faith”, […]

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